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View prior radiology exams in one convenient location through our medical image sharing platform.
  • Eliminate the wasted time and frustration caused by CDs
  • Built-in universal web-based viewer so you can view exams without any issues
  • Easy communication with radiologists and other healthcare providers


Take control of your radiology exams with our easy-to-use medical image sharing platform.
  • Medical image sharing makes it easy to provide all your physicians with easy access to your prior radiology exams
  • Request expert radiology second opinions no matter where you live
  • Low-cost permanent archival of your radiology exams in one convenient location


Eliminate the cost and staffing associated with CDs by switching to our medical image sharing platform with optional vendor neutral archive.
  • Easy low-cost installation
  • Cost-effective vendor neutral archive
  • Connect patients and providers with uninterrupted access to data


Use our medical image sharing platform to get fast online consultations from colleagues.
  • Private message area for physicians, not viewable by patients
  • Built-in universal web-based viewer facilitates consultations--without the problems typically associated with CDs
  • Optional cost-effective vendor neutral archive
  • Other News

    RadConnect was launched at RSNA 2013 in Chicago on December 1st! For a demo or to get more info, please Contact us.
  • Free Sign-Up

    Storing radiology images is always free for the first 60 days, so you have plenty of time to share and collaborate on your exam. RadConnect makes it so easy to store, share and connect - there’s no reason not to sign up!
  • Testimonial

    Using RadConnect, I was able to get a radiologist to look at my wife’s CT scan on a Friday night when we didn’t hear back from our local imaging center. She was still in a lot of pain and the radiologist discovered an urgent finding that required her going to the hospital for emergency surgery. Things could have been much worse had she waited over the weekend without care.” –Andy, Maplewood, MN
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