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Robust, Easy & Secure Image Exchange

RadConnect provides all-in-one solutions
to the medical image sharing market with a robust and easy to use platform.

Effortless uploading of all clinical images
to a secure cloud infrastructure.

Share exam files with physicians,
patients and providers with an easy to use
web-based application.

Connect and collaborate with
other professionals and platforms.

Hand crafted for you

RadConnect is engineered for
different user types who may have different needs.

Solutions for everyone

RadConnect designers and implementation specialists work with individuals
just like you to better understand your needs, and we fulfill them with easy to use,
intuitive solutions.

Healthcare Organizations

Total Control: It’s About Time

Eliminate the cost and staffing associated with CDs by switching to our medical image sharing platform with optional vendor neutral archive.

  • Easy low-cost installation
  • Upload images fast – no JAVA or software download required
  • Connect patients and providers with uninterrupted access to data
  • View images with a diagnostic quality viewer

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Total Control: It’s About Time

Use our medical image sharing platform to get fast online consultations from colleagues.

  • Private message area for physicians, not viewable by patients
  • Built-in universal web-based viewer facilitates consultations–without the problems typically associated with CDs
  • Optional cost-effective vendor neutral archive

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Total Control: It’s About Time

View prior radiology exams in one convenient location through our medical image sharing platform.

  • Eliminate the wasted time and frustration caused by CDs
  • Built-in universal web-based viewer so you can view exams without any issues
  • Easy communication with radiologists and other healthcare providers

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Total Control: It’s About Time

Take control of your radiology exams with our easy-to-use medical image sharing platform.

  • Medical image sharing makes it easy to provide all your physicians with easy access to your prior radiology exams
  • Request expert radiology second opinions no matter where you live
  • Low-cost permanent archival of your radiology exams in one convenient location

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Store once, access anytime, anywhere

RadConnect is a cost-effective solution to keep you HIPAA compliant
and serves as an offsite backup for business continuity and disaster recovery.


Data is stored in a standard vendor-neutral DICOM format.


Advanced cloud platform that is scalable with high-availability architecture.


All of your enterprise-wide images (PACS/specialties) on a single accessible platform.


Take control of your data and reduce archival costs.

Share with everyone

Provide instant web access to all clinical images.


With outside images arriving prior to the patient, staff can anticipate treatment plans, reduce duplicate exams, and radiation exposure.


Images are viewed with a web browser from any device with an HTML5 zero-footprint diagnostic quality viewer or imported directly into your PACS for comparison.


Give and/or receive access to prior images for direct comparison. Outside images can be directly imported into your PACS.


RadConnect is fully HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

Stats don’t lie

We believe successful product means successful clients.


Happy Clients


Unique Studies


Images Uploaded

Connect and Collaborate

Make it easy for your patients and physicians to connect and collaborate


Provide easy access to reports and images to ordering physicians.


Images are viewed with a web browser from any device with a HTML5 zero-footprint viewer or imported directly into your PACS for comparison.

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