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What is RadConnect?

RadConnect is a cloud-based tool that allows you to store and share your radiology images with physicians and hospitals.

Storage of your exam is always free for the first 60 days. Don’t worry about losing your CD or mailing it to your referring physician – all you need is your RadConnect username and password and you can access your study on any computer at any time.

If you already have your images on a CD

Register for a RadConnect account and follow the instructions to upload your radiology images.

Share the images with your physician by entering their email address.

Request a radiology second opinion by choosing one of the RadConnect second opinion doctors to provide a report.

RadConnect will send a secure link to the doctor’s email that will prompt them to log in and view your study.

Storing your study in RadConnect is free for the first 60 days.

If your doctor or hospital uses RadConnect

Check your email for a secure link from your doctor to view your study then follow the link to register for a free RadConnect account.

You can then share your radiology exam with your referring physician by entering their email address.

RadConnect will send your referring physician an email with a secure link to view your images.

RadConnect Expert Second Opinions

RadConnect gives you access to a panel of expert physicians for Second Opinions without ever having to leave home.

You can select from the exams that are already available to you on-line, or just upload them from a CD into RadConnect.

Then just choose “Request Second Opinion” and get your results generally within 2 business days.

Our Second Opinions doctors are world-renowned radiology experts and you’ll have access to them no matter where you live.