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Start your day by reviewing all prior exams

You can pull all the prior reports for that day’s patients into one list and spend time reviewing and making notes in the morning.

You’ll have more time to spend with patients during their appointments and be ready with your thoughts when they arrive.

If your local hospital is a RadConnect client, your patients’ radiology exams can be automatically sent to you.

Simplify the process of viewing prior exams

RadConnect is a safe and secure way to view radiology images that eliminates the need for time-consuming CDs. Dealing with numerous CDs is complicated, time-consuming and often takes away from your time with patients.

Platform Independent Image Viewer

For RadConnect users, opening and reviewing images is simple because RadConnect is platform-independent. No matter what PACS the hospital or imaging center uses, you’ll be able to view all images using the built-in HTML5 image viewer.

Easy Consultations

You can consult with other physicians by sharing images through a secure email link.

That physician creates a RadConnect username and password and will then have access to the images.

You can also include comments and questions along with the images.

It’s always free to create a RadConnect account and every study uploaded
can be stored and shared free for 60 days.